Chá Pedagógico – The Social Media

Chá Pedagógico is a monthly show hosted by Professor André Hedlund and Professor Rodolfo Mattiello where Linguistics and Neuroscience aspects of Language Learning are discussed. The episodes are live directly from Instagram and also streamed on Youtube.

What does social media and language acquisition have in common? A lot. We used some of the information in Netflix’s “The Social Dilemma” and compared with the language learning process that we normally experience. Unmissable episode.

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Our Thoughts Have No Official Language

“I have to stop thinking in my native language”. This is one of the most commonly heard sentences by every language teacher (mainly in Brazil) and also something that needs to be adjusted so that the same language teachers don’t fall into this trap. Thought has no official language, therefore it is not very accurate to agree with the starting sentence. What is confusing, though, is the presence of a “mental language” that every person has that is used to organize, plan and perform certain activities. Leia mais