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The Strangest of the Things

I believe that by now you all have watched – or started to – the 3rd season of Stranger Things. I know the rules, this article is spoiler free, so you can go ahead and keep reading it without any concern. Many things have been said about the presence of Universal Grammar (UG) in both […]

CPD Is Also For Di-ver-si-ty

For those who have been following the Mattiello Consultoria Acadêmica, the slogan ‘saia do status quo’ (get out of the status quo) is no longer a mystery nor an unfamiliar sentence. It means leave the normality and conformism which for some English teachers this has been hard even though the scenario may give us an […]

Please, Draw the Word ‘House’

There is a great chance you already asked your students to draw or maybe designed a lesson which students were required to show off their artistic skills regardless their age. The value of such activity when teaching infants is commonly known, they love drawing and it is a tool to check whether the students are […]


A Musicalidade do Empoderamento Feminino em Sala de Aula

Infelizmente, vivemos num país em que as mulheres sofrem muito com o comportamento inadequado de muitos homens e, até mesmo, de outras mulheres. Como professores, faz parte de nossa responsabilidade abordar esse assunto com maturidade em sala de aula. Na posição de professores de línguas, somos responsáveis por levar aos alunos materiais atuais em língua […]

The Traps Of EFL Classes

Nostalgia. As one gets older, it is easier to have this feeling since life experiences are such that books could be written about each moment. The first kiss, first love, a surprise birthday party, moments with parents and loved ones, travels, every person tends to be nostalgic and bring back the pleasing sentiment to compare […]