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Will You Pass Me The Salt?

As an ESL teacher we are constantly asking ourselves the purpose of our job, searching for answers such as ‘why do I teach English’, ‘will my students actually remember to conjugate properly’, ‘are my activities engaging enough’,  etc. We tend to focus on linguistic form, we worry about making our students understand the meaning of certain words, but then we forget to teach them the consequences that some sentences generate. Pragmatics is constantly neglected by most ESL teachers. Leia mais

Chá Pedagógico – The earlier the better?

Chá Pedagógico – Are we unlearning to speak?

The Strangest of the Things

I believe that by now you all have watched – or started to – the 3rd season of Stranger Things. I know the rules, this article is spoiler free, so you can go ahead and keep reading it without any concern. Many things have been said about the presence of Universal Grammar (UG) in both first and second language acquisition process. Watching Netflix’s series Stranger Things may help you notice that UG is not one hundred percent responsible for the success of a language acquisition. Leia mais

CPD Is Also For Di-ver-si-ty

For those who have been following the Mattiello Consultoria Acadêmica, the slogan ‘saia do status quo’ (get out of the status quo) is no longer a mystery nor an unfamiliar sentence. It means leave the normality and conformism which for some English teachers this has been hard even though the scenario may give us an opposite impression at a first glance. At a first glance. Leia mais

Please, Draw the Word ‘House’

There is a great chance you already asked your students to draw or maybe designed a lesson which students were required to show off their artistic skills regardless their age. The value of such activity when teaching infants is commonly known, they love drawing and it is a tool to check whether the students are in accordance with what has been taught. As for adult learners, they are more hesitant in performing this kind of task, but the reason for applying it is similar. To check their understanding. However, there are linguistic reasons for having students draw and they are related to their acquisition of a foreign language. Leia mais


Por que as Atividades de Gramática estão Obsoletas?

Uma das funções que tenho em meu centro de formação de professores de língua inglesa é analisar e otimizar as atividades propostas pelos educadores. O objetivo é fazer com que os professores sejam críticos do seu próprio trabalho, mas sem criar neuras ou se diminuírem achando que são os piores professores da face da Terra. Ao contrário, a intenção é fazer com que as atividades estejam muito mais relevantes e eficazes para a aquisição de língua inglesa e não somente usar o que o material didático aponte naquela página do dia. Leia mais

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